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  1. 颊车
  2. Jiache
  3. 頰車

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Jiache(ST6,颊车) is an acupuncture point in the meridian named Yangming Stomach Meridian of Foot. It is the main point for treating facial paralysis and toothache.


Jia, cheek; che, vehicle.
Che refers to the mandible.
The point is on the cheek, close to the angle of the mandible.


One finger-breadth anterior and superior to the lower angle of the mandible, at the prominence of the masseter muscle when the teeth are clenched.


  1. Main point for facial paralysis or spasm, often used with Dicang.
  2. To treat neuralgia in the lower branch of trigeminal nerves.
  3. Main point for trismus or toothache in the inferior part of the mouth.
  4. To treat parotitis, often uesed with Yifeng.


Puncture obliquely in the direction of Dicang 0.5-1.2 cun.