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Simo Tang


Decoction of Four Powdered Drugs

  1. 四磨汤
  2. 四磨湯

The Prescription of Simo Tang


The book Ji Sheng Fang



Wu Yao: Promoting the flow of Qi and soothing the liver so as to remove stagnancy.

Chen Xiang: Checking upward adverse flow of the lung-Qi to relieve asthma.

Bing Lang: Promoting the flow of Qi and removing stagnated food to alleviate fullness.

Ren Shen: Invigorating Qi and supporting the body resistance.

The Effect of Simo Tang


Promoting the flow of Qi and checking its upward flow, facilitating the flow of Qi throughout the chest and removing stagnancy.


Syndrome due to depression of the liver-Qi, marked by restlessness in the chest, dyspnea, fullness in the epigastric region, poor appetite, pale tongue with whitish coating, and deep taut pulse; including such diseases with the above symptoms as hepatitis, cholecystitis, periarthritis of shoulder and mastitis.


Decocted in water for oral dose to be taken twice.