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Shiwei Wendan Tang

The Prescription of Shiwei Wendan Tang


The book Shi Yi De Xiao Fang



Ban Xia: Eliminating heat and resolving phlegm.

Zhi Shi: Promoting the flow of Qi, disintegrating masses and relieving fullness.

Chen Pi: Promoting flow of qi, arresting vomiting, drying dampness and resolving phlegm.

Fu Ling: Clearing away heat and promoting diuresis.

Shu Di: Tonifying blood, nourishing yin of liver and kidney.

Yuan Zhi: Calming heart and inducing tranquilization.

Ren Shen: Powerfully reinforcing original qi, tonifying zang-organ qi, promoting the generation of body fluid to alleviate thirst.

Suan Zao Ren: Nourishing the liver-blood and calming the mind.

Wu Wei Zi: Astringing the lung and intestines, securing essence, replenishing qi and nourishing the kidney, promoting the generation of fluid to relieve thirst, calming the heart and inducing tranquilization.

Raw Gan Cao: Clearing heat and removing toxicity, tonifying the spleen and replenishing qi.

The Effect of Shiwei Wendan Tang


Replenish qi and tonify blood, resolve phlegm and induce tranquilization.


Poor appetite, palpitation, restlessness, shortness of breath, spontaneous perspiration.


All the drugs are ground into fine powder. 12 g of the powder is decocted with Sheng Jiang 15 g and 1 date in water for oral dose to be taken at any time.