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Shengxue Busui Tang

The Prescription of Shengxue Busui Tang


The book Jie Gu Ru Jie



Dang Gui and Hong Hua: Activating blood flow to remove blood stasis, subduing swelling and relieving pain.

Chuan Xiong: Activating blood circulation and promoting the flow of qi, expelling wind and alleviating pain.

Sheng Di: Removing heat from the blood, arresting bleeding, nourishing Yin, reducing fever.

Qiang Huo and Du Huo: Releasing exterior and dispersing cold, expelling wind-damp and alleviating pain.

Shu Di: Tonifying blood, nourishing yin of liver and kidney, supplementing essence.

Jing Jie and Fang Feng: Being pungent in taste and disperse in nature, dispelling wind pathogen in the upper body.

Huang Qi: Tonifying qi.

Gan Cao: Tempering the actions of all the other ingredients.

Chuan Duan: Tonifying the liver and kidney, strengthening tendons and bones, promoting blood circulation.

Xiang Fu: Soothing the liver and regulating qi, regulating menorrhea and alleviating pain.

Du Zhong and Niu Xi: Expelling wind-dampness and reinforcing the liver and kidney.

Chen Pi: Promoting the flow of qi, drying dampness and resolving phlegm.

Zhi Qiao: Promoting the flow of qi, soothing the chest and middle energizer, relieving distention.

Gan Jiang: Warming the lung and dispelling cold so as to eliminate retained phlegm and warming up the spleen-Yang to remove dampness.

Wu Jia Pi: Dispelling wind-damp, tonifying the liver and kidney, strengthening tendons and bones, inducing diuresis.

Bai Zhu and Fu Ling: Strengthening the spleen and draining dampness.

Dan Pi and Shao Yao: Removing blood stasis and clearing away heat.

Ai Ye: Warming meridians to stop bleeding, dispelling cold.

The Effect of Shengxue Busui Tang


Tonify blood and replenish essence.


Traumatic injury.


Decoct in equal amounts wine and water with dates for oral dose to be taken between meals.