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Senna Leaf

Fan Xie Ye
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Fan Xie Ye (Folium Sennae)——Yin Pian Xin Can (New Reference of Cut-Crude-Herb)

  1. Fan Xie Ye
  2. Folium Sennae
  3. 番泻叶
  4. 番瀉葉

The Processing of Senna Leaf


The leaf of C. angustifolia Vahl or C. acutifolia Delile of family Pulse.


The former mainly grows in Indian, while the latter is produced in Egypt. It is also planted and cultivated in Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan provinces of China.


Collected in September.

The actual smell and taste

Light and special fragracy, slight bitter taste.

Best quality

Big and complete leaves, green, few stalk.


Dried and unprocessed.

The Effect of Senna Leaf


Bitter, cold, large intestine meridian entered.


Relax bowels with purgative.


Constipation due to heat accumulation

Its nature of bitter-cold with action of purgation is similar to that of Da Huang. Except for purgation and resolving accumulation, it can also clear excess heat and mainly indicated for heat constipation, and also for habitual constipation or senile constipation. It can be infused singly, or combined with Zhi Shi Hou Po to mutually reinforce the action of resolving accumulation with purgative.

Dosage and Administrations

Infuse l.5~3 g or decoct later 2~6 g. Take small dosage when being used at laxative, while take large dosage when being used as offensive purgative.


It is contraindicated to women during pregnant, menstruation and lactation for the substances from purgation can be discharged when following the secretion of milk.