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  1. 曲池
  2. LI11

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Quchi location
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Quchi(LI11, 曲池) is an acupuncture point in the meridian named Yangming Large Intestine Meridian of Hand. Quchi is the He-Sea point of the Large Intestine. It is the main point for antianaphylaxis and antipyresis.


Qu, crooked; chi, pond.
When the arm is flexed, a depression at the elbow is like a pool and the point is inside it.


When the elbow is flexed, the point is in the midpoint between the lateral end of the transverse cubical crease and the lateral epicondyle of the humerus.


  • (1) main point for diseases of the head, face and the five sense organs, often used with Hegu.
  • (2) relieving fever, also often used with Hegu.
  • (3) lowering blood pressure.
  • (4) relieving itching, main point to treat diseases of skin pruritus.
  • (5) main point to treat aches of upper extremities and paralysis.


Perpendicularly 1-1.5 cun.