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Qing Fei Tang

The Prescription of Qing Fei Tang


The book San Yin Ji Yi Bing Zheng Fang Lun



Yi Yi Ren: Removing dampness and subduing swelling.

Xing Ren: Relieving cough and dyspnea, moistening intestines for relaxing bowels.

Dong Gua Zi: Nourishing the lung and resolving phlegm, curing abscess and promoting diuresis.

Feng Huang Yi: Nourishing yin to clear away the lung heat.

Fang Ji: Expelling wind and removing dampness.

The Effect of Qing Fei Tang


Clear lung-heat and nourish the lung, resolve phlegm.


Cough with dyspnea, accumulation of sthenia-heat in lung.


All the drugs are ground into fine powder. 12 g of the powder is decocted in water for oral dose to be taken on empty stomach.