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Qibao Meiran Dan


Bolus for Promoting the Growth of Hair and Beard with Seven Noble ingredients

  1. 七寶美髯丹
  2. 七宝美髯丹

The Prescription of Qibao Meiran Dan


The book Yi Fang Ji Jie



He Shou Wu: The principal drug, being sweet, bitter and astringent in taste and slightly warm in nature, moisturizing and tonifying the liver and kidney, strengthening the tendons and bones, arresting emission.

Gou Qi, Tu Si Zi: Tonifying the liver and kidney, consolidate kidney-essence, relieving nocturnal emission.

Niu Xi: Tonifying the liver and kidney, strengthening the tendons and bones, enhancing the loins and knees.

Dang Gui: Nourishing blood to supplement the liver.

The Effect of Qibao Meiran Dan


Nourishing the kidney-water and enriching the liver-blood.


Syndrome due to insufficiency of both the liver and kidney, marked by preceded greying of the beard and hair, unsteady teeth, nocturnal emission and spermatorrhea, weakness and soreness of the loins and knees, including such disorders with the above symptoms as early greying of hair and neurosism.


All the ingredients are parched with sesame seeds and ground into fine powder and made with honey into boluses, each of which weighs 10 g. 1 bolus is taken with slightly salty boiled water each time, twice daily, in the morning and evening.