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Purging Croton Fruit

Ba Dou
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Ba Dou 2
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Ba Dou (Purging Croton Fruit)

  1. Ba Dou
  2. 巴豆
  3. Fructus Crotonis

The Effect of Purging Croton Fruit


Pungent, hot, toxic, stomach, large intestine, and lung meridians entered.


Remove cold accumulation with drastic purgative; expel water and alleviate edema; dispel phlegm and relieve sore throat; corrode wound and kill parasites.


Constipation due to accumulation of cold; milk and food stagnancy; hydroperitoneum and tympanites; throat obstruction and phlegm stagnation; abscess before diabrosis; scabies, tinea and malignant ulcer.

Dosage and Administrations

0.1~0.3 g, used in powder or pill after frostbitten, proper dose is for topical use.


It is contraindicated to the pregnant women and valetudinarian, and is incompatible with Qian Niu Zi.