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Niubang Jieji Tang


Decoction of burdock Fruit for Expelling Pathogenic Factors from the Muscles

  1. 牛蒡解肌汤
  2. 牛蒡解肌湯

The Prescription of Niubang Jieji Tang


the book Yang Ke Xin De Ji



Niu Bang Zi: The principal drug, being pungent and bitter in flavor and cold in nature, dispersing wind-heat in the head.

Bo He and Jing Jie: Relieving exterior syndrome by means of diaphoresis.

Lian Qiao: Clearing away heat and toxic material, dispelling masses and subduing swelling.

Dan Pi, Shan Zhi and Xia Ku Cao: Purging fire pathogen
from blood.

Xuan Shen: Purging fire to remove toxins, working together with Shi Hu to nourish Yin and clear away heat.

The Effect of Niubang Jieji Tang


Dispelling wind, clearing away heat, cooling blood and subduing swelling.


Carbuncle and swelling complicated by exterior syndrome due to wind-heat, marked by burning, red, swelling and pain caused by carbuncle on the skin, mild chills and high fever, little of sweating, thrist, deep-colored urine, or toothache, whitish or yellowish tongue, and floating rapid pulse; including such diseases with the above symptoms and signs as cervical lymphadenitis, periodontitis and influenza.


Decocted in water for oral dose to be taken twice.