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Neixiao Lianqiao Wan

The Prescription of Neixiao Lianqiao Wan


The book Yu Ji Wei Yi



Lian Qiao: Dispersing wind-heat, clearing heart-heat and removing toxicity.

Ze Lan: Activating blood and dispelling blood stasis, promoting diuresis and resolving swelling.

She Gan: Clearing lung heat and dispelling phlegm.

Sha Shen: Clearing lung fire and tonifying lung yin.

Lou Lu and Xia Ku Cao: Clearing and purging liver fire, removing toxicity and dissipating nodulation.

Tu Gua Gen: Clearing heat and removing toxicity, resolving swelling and dissipating nodulation.

He Tao Ren: Tonifying the kidney, warming yang and moistening intestine.

Bai Ji: Astringing to stop bleeding, resolving swelling, promoting tissue regeneration.

The Effect of Neixiao Lianqiao Wan


Dissipate nodulation and soften hardness.




All the drugs are ground into fine powder. The powder is made with wine into pills.