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liu Yi San


Six to One Powder

  1. 六一散
  2. 六壹散

The Prescription of liu Yi San


The book Shang Han Zhi Ge



Hua Shi: The principal drug, being sweet and tasteless in flavor and cold in nature, having the particular action of clearing away heat and inducing diuresis.

Gan Cao: Being sweet in flavor and cold in nature, dispelling heat, regulating the stomach, combining Hua Shi to promote the production of body fluid and inducing diuresis to make body fluid not be damaged.

The Effect of liu Yi San


Removing summer-heat and inducing diuresis.


Syndrome due to affection of summer-heat and dampness, marked by fever, intense thirst, dysuria, or diarrhea; including such diseases with the above symptoms as mild sun-stroke, cystitis and stone of the urinary tract.


Ground into powder and 9-18 g of the powder is taken each time, or wrapped in cloth and decocted in water for oral dose to be taken twice.