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Li Xue method

Methods that can regulate blood and treat blood diseases are known as operation blood. One method is using drugs with promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis effect another one is for innerlich anwenden for treating bleeding. On the clinical application, these two works as complementary partners.

1.Promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis

It is suitable for the treatment of syndrome of retention and congestion. During heat disease, if having syndromes such as fever, distraction, irritability, deep pulse then it is blood retention; Or amenorrhea, having cold or fever frequently, deep but strong pulse, injury by falling can all cause blood congestion. If the extravasated blood stay in the body and the chest hurts, then blood congestion is diagnosed. All the symptoms mentioned above should apply a method of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

Common medicines are Da Huang, Tao Ren, Shui Zhi, Meng Chong, Gui wei, Chi Shao, Mu Dan Pi, Hong Hua, etc. Prescriptions are The Prescription of Taohe Chengqi Tang, Di Dang Wan, The Prescription of Wenjing Tang, The Prescription of Fuyuan Huoxue Tang, The Prescription of Qili San.

2. The hemostasis

The hemostasis is applied to hot blood syndrome, or unable to control blood of Qi, resulting in hematemesis, hemoptysis, hematuria, hemafecia, metrorrhagia and metrostaxis, etc. These people have bright red blood, xerostomia, fast pulse, and appropriate treating method is to cool the body blood and stop bleeding; for Qi deficiency people, blood are light or dark, with yellow complexion, pale tongue and coating, weak and deep pulse, and preferably curing method is to use warm property medicines.

Common drugs such as E Jiao, Ce Bai Ye, Da Ji, Xiao Ji, Pu Huang, Bai Ji, Zong Lv Tan, Ai Ye, Xian He Cao, etc. Representative such ast the Prescription of Shihui San, The Prescription of Sisheng Wan, The Prescription of Xiaoji Yinzi, The Prescription of Huaihua San, The Prescription of Huangtu Tang, The Prescription of jiaoai Tang, etc.