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Lanwei Qingjie Tang

The Prescription of Lanwei Qingjie Tang


The book Xin Ji Fu Zheng Xue



Yin Hua and Pu Gong Ying: Clearing heat and removing toxicity.

Da Huang: Removing accumulated heat from the intestines, clearing away heat and toxic

Dan Pi: Clearing away heat in the blood.

Chuan Lian Zi: Promoting the circulation of qi.

Mu Xiang: Promoting the circulation of qi.

Dong Gua Ren: Clearing away damp-heat, expelling pus, resolving masses, relieving carbuncle.

Zhi Gan Cao: Invigorating the spleen and stomach, tempering the actions of all the other ingredients.

The Effect of Lanwei Qingjie Tang


Clear heat and remove toxicity, remove accumulation with purgative and dissipate nodulation, promote the circulation of qi and activate blood.


Constipation, red tongue, red eyes, nausea and vomiting, unpalpable abdominal pain, rebound tenderness, yellow and dry or greasy coating on the tongue, thirsty desire, abdominal muscle tension, dry lips, fever and aversion to cold, rapid, smooth, large and bounding pulse.


Decocted in water for oral dose to be taken twice.