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Jiuji Xixian San


Powder for Diluting Phlegm

  1. 救急稀涎散

The Prescription of Jiuji Xixian San


The book Sheng Ji Zong Lun



Zhu Ya Zao: The principal drug, being pungent and salty in taste and warm in nature, reducing resuscitation because of its pungent taste, softening masses because of its salty taste, eliminating turbid and sticky sputum.

Bai Fan: Being sour and bitter in flavor, resolving stubborn phlegm, reducing resuscitation to promote emesis.

The Effect of Jiuji Xixian San


Inducing resuscitation and promoting emesis.


Excess syndrome of stroke, marked by sputum in the noisy throat, difficult breathing, restlessness in the chest, blurred vision, or loosing consciousness and falling down, or face seeming to distort, and slippery replete forceful pulse; including such diseases with the above symptoms as cerebral thrombosis and chronic pharyngitis.


The drugs are ground into fine powder. 2-3g of the powder is taken with warm boiled water each time.

The usage of this prescription should be stopped and other ones are chosen instead according to the symptoms and signs as soon as the sputum becomes thin, the breathing returns to normal and the diarrhea is arrested, for this prescription is one for causing vomiting.