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Java Brucea Fruit

Ya Dan Zi
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Ya Dan Zi (Fructus Bruceae)

  1. Ya Dan Zi
  2. Fructus Bruceae
  3. 鸭旦子
  4. 鸦胆子
  5. 鴨旦子
  6. 鴉膽子

The Effect of Java Brucea Fruit


Bitter, cold; toxic; large intestine and liver meridians entered.


Clear heat and remove toxicity; check malaria; erode excrescence in topical administration.


Recurrent dysentery (amoebic dysentery), abdominal pain with hemafecia, paroxysmal onset; malaria; treating clavus and excrescence in topical administration.

Dosage and Administrations

Take 5~12 grains each time, three times a day. It is mostly wrapped with Long Yan Rou or made into capsules for use. It can also be used in pills or powder after squeezing and getting rid of the oil. Its decoction is scarcely used. Proper dosage is for topical administration.


It is harmful to gastro-intestinal tract, liver and kidney, so it should not be taken for a long time; it is contraindicated to patients with gastro-intestinal bleeding, liver and kidney disorder. Attention should be paid to protect the normal skin around the lesion with adhesive tape when treating and excrescence in topical administration.