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Huachong Wan


Pill for Treating Parasitic Infestation.

  1. 化虫丸
  2. 化蟲丸

The Prescription of Huachong Wan


The book Tai Ping Hui Min He Ji Ju Fang



He Shi: Being bitter and pungent in the taste and neutral in nature, having slight toxicity, expelling and killing roundworms.

Ku Lian Pi: Being bitter in the taste, cold in nature and poisonous, not only expelling and killing roundworms but also relieving abdominal pain.

Bing Lang: Expelling roundworms, promoting the flow of Qi, relieving diarrhea and helping discharge the killed worms.

Ku Fan: Detoxicating and killing worms.

Hu Fen: Being poisonous to kill worms.

The Effect of Huachong Wan


Expelling and killing various of worms in the intestines.


Syndrome due to various kinds of worms in the intestines, marked by terrible abdominal pain going up and down at the onset, vomiting of clear water or roundworms.


All the drugs are ground into fine powder. The powder is made with water into pills, each as big as a hemp seed, and taken on an empty stomach with millet soup, 5 pills for an infant at the age of l year old.

Drastic and poisonous, this prescription should be used properly. When it is stopped, the spleen and stomach should be regulated and tonified. If continual use of it is needed to expel the remained worms, it should be one week later.