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Hu Qian Wan

The Prescription of Hu Qian Wan


The book Dan Xi Xin Fa



Shu Di, Bai Shao and Gui Ban: Nourishing the Yin and tonifying blood.

Tiger-bone (or Dog-bone): Strengthening the tendons and bones.

Huang Bo: Purging ministerial fire to consolidate the kidney-Yin.

Zhi Mu: Moisturizing the lung to clear away the lung-heat upward, replenishing the kidney-Yin downward.

Suo Yang: Warming yang and replenishing essence.

Gan Jiang and Chen Pi: Warming and strengthening the spleen, regulating qi and harmonizing the stomach.

The Effect of Hu Qian Wan


Nourish yin to reduce pathogenic fire, strengthen the tendons and bones.


Spermatorrhea, weak and thin pulse, enuresis, tinnitus, dizziness, sores and weakness of waist and knees, red tongue with little coating on the tongue, weakness in tendons and bones.


All the drugs are ground into fine powder. The powder is made with White Spirit into pills.