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Shuigou / Renzhong(GV26,水沟/人中) is an acupuncture point in the meridian named Governor Vessel. It is the crossing point of GV and the LI and ST meridians.(GV meridian: Governor Vessel; LI meridian: Yangming Large Intestine Meridian of Hand; ST meridian: Yangming Stomach Meridian of Foot)


On the midline above the upper lip, at the junction of lower two thirds and the upper l/3 0f the philtrum.


  • ①Coma, syncope, apoplexy, sunstroke, shock, respiratory failure;
  • ②hysteria, insanity, epilepsy, mental diseases;
  • ③nasal obstruction, epistaxis, facial edema, deviation of the mouth, toothache, trismus, and other diseases of the nose and mouth;
  • ④acute lumbar muscle sprain.


Oblique insertion 0.3-0.5 cun superiorly, or use acupressure to stimulate this point with the fingernail.