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Gejie Dingchuan Wan

The Prescription of Gejie Dingchuan Wan



Ge Jie: The principal drug, improving inspiration to relieve asthma by invigorating the kidney-Qi.

Zhi Gan Cao: Invigorating Qi, regulating the stomach, tempering the actions of all the other ingredients.

Ma Huang: Facilitating the flow of the lung-Qi to dispel pathogenic factors and relieve asthma.

Su Zi and Xing Ren: Descending the lung-Qi to alleviate asthma, relieve cough and eliminate phlegm.

Huang Lian and Huang Qin: Clearing away heat and removing toxicity.

Mai Dong and Bai He: Moistening the lung, nourishing Yin, resolving phlegm and relieving cough.

Zi Wan and Gua Lou Zi: Moistening the lung and resolving phlegm.

Shi Gao: Removing heat and restlessness.

Bie Jia: Nourishing Yin and removing heat.

The Effect of Gejie Dingchuan Wan


Nourish yin and clear lung fire, relieve cough and asthma.


Chronic cough, poor appetite, night sweat, spontaneous perspiration, consumptive disease, shortness of breath, choking sensation in chest.


All the drugs are ground into fine powder. The powder is made with ginger juice into pills.