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Diwuhui(GB42,地五会) is an acupuncture point in the meridian named Shaoyang Gall Bladder Meridian of Foot.


Posterior to the 4th metatarsophalangeal joint, etween the 4th and 5th metatarsal bones,on the medial side of the tendon of extensor digiti minimi of the foot.


  • ①Headache, pain in the outer canthus, pain in the hypochondriac region, pain in he dorsum of the foot;
  • ②deafness, tinnitus ;
  • ③acute mastitis.


Lateral to dorsum pedis, backside of the fourth toe (the fourth plantar toe joints), between the fourth and fifth metatarsal bones, in the depression of the extensor tendon of little toe interior.