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Fructus Momordicae

Luo Han Guo
Luo Han Guo #

Luo Han Guo2
Luo Han Guo2 #


Luo Han Guo (Fructus Momordicae)

  1. Luo Han Guo
  2. 羅漢果
  3. Grosvener Siraitia
  4. 罗汉果

The Effect of Fructus Momordicae


Sweet, cool; lung and spleen meridians entered.


Clear lung-heat and moisten the intestine.


Constipation due to blood deficiency, cough due to phlegm-fire, whooping cough.

Dosage and Administrations

Decoct 15~30 g or soak in boiling water, or stew with meat.