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Food therapies on rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a common systemic disease with chronic inflammation of joints and tissues. Chinese medicine called it"arthralgia syndrome". Clinical manifestations are pain、numb, burning pain and inconvenient extension in muscles, joints, bones, and even the joint swelling.

Food therapies principles:

  • 1.Avoid fat foods.

    1. Balance the nutrition of daily meals.
    1. Avoid having plenty of seafoods.
  • 4.During the sick course, choose rice、steamed bun and other mild foods as main course, eat more vegetables like tomatoes, cucumber and cabbage. When the illness got conquered, have more nutritious foods as lean meat, diary foods to increase the resistance quality.

Genearal foods applied:

  1. Coix seeds:

①Make porridge with grounded coix seed and jing mi.
②Make wine with grounded coix seed and qu mi.


Smash papayas, mix with half wine and half water into paste, apply on the pain spot, wrap with cloth. Change when the paste got cold.

3.Ren dong teng wine:

Ren dong teng 30grams, wu mei, chuan wu, gan cao and da qing yan each of 6 grams, one kilo of Chinese rice wine. Soak all the ingredients above in the wine for one week and apply one small bottle a day when it’s ready.

4.Si gua porridge:

Si gua 50 grams, jing mi 100 grams, make them porridge. Apply when it’s getting cooler and is for long time use.

5.Fang feng yi ren jian:

Coix seeds 30 grams, fang feng 10 grams. Boil them and apply daily.

Feng bi symptom:

Clinical manifestations:

Food therapies principles:

dispel the wind, vein relaxing,expel torpor.

Food therapies:

    1. White snake wine:white snake 90 grams, fang fengqiang huowu jia pi each 30 grams, dang gui 30grams. Mix the above ingredients into 1500-2000 wine, open one month later when it’s well soaked.
    1. Linseed porridge: proper amount of linseed, green onions, salt and lobster sauce. Mix into the porride. Apply successive three days.

Tong bi symptoms

Clinical manifestations:

Cold pathological factors invade the human body. The joints and the muscles are suffering from severe pain, only got better when being heated, steady pain, feeling cold in the pain; light color of tongue with white coating, tight pulse.

Food therapies principles:

Expel the coldness and torpor, vein relaxing.

Food therapies:

Dog meat noodles:noodles 150 grams, proper amount of dog meat and white wine. Cook the dog meat with wine until it’s well done then add noodles in. Apply small amount per day on course of continuously half month.

Shi bi symptoms:

Clinical manifestations:

Swelling joints, pain and even numbness; drowsiness; tight chest,etc.

Food therapies principles:

Expel the dampness, vein relaxing and numbness.

Food therapies;

  • 1.Papaya decotion:papaya 15 grams, stew with proper amount of water. Apply one time a day for continuously half month.

  • 2.Fu ling powder porridge:Fu ling powder 30 grams, geng mi 100 grams. When porridge is nearly done, add fu ling powder and stir. Apply one bowl a day for continuously 7 days.

Re bi symptoms:

Clinical manifestations:

Wind dampness and wind cold pathological factors cause the symptoms:as severe pain in joints and muscles, redness and burning in particular parts of the body; feel comfortable staying in cool place; difficulty in relaxing the body; erythema on skin; fever.

Food therapies principles:

Clear heat, vein relaxing and expel numbness.

Food therapies

Da dou huang juan: da dou huang juan 600 grams, fry with charcoal. Smach them and wash down.