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Food therapies on irregular menstruation

Irregular menstruation refers to the menstrual period, menstrual cycle and abnormal colour, quantity and quality of menstruation. Detailed manifestations are: Seven days in advance or after the normal menstruation period; irregularly scheduled menstruation; Much more or less quantity of the menstrual blood volume; abnormal menstruation color and substance,etc.

Diet principles:

  • 1 Nourish Qi and blood:Eat more millet, jujube, eggs, chicken, fish, meat, milk, sea cucumber, pig liver, shrimp, longan, sesame, beans, black glutinous rice and other foods to tonify qi and blood. Eat more food containing iron, such as animal liver, egg yolk, beans, rape, lettuce, celery are encouraged.

  • 2 Increase the intake of vitamins and trace elements. Vitamin B6 can relieve anxiety and depression; food sources have lean meats, whole grains, dark green leafy vegetables. Vitamin E can relieve menstrual pain, swelling and muscle cramps, food sources have malt. Calcium can also reduce discomfort, such as milk, yogurt, and cheese are rich in calcium.

  • 3 Avoid spicy and those impair body fluid foods, also cold food are forbidden, reduce the salt intake as well.

Food choices:

  • 1.Sthenia syndrome:Mild and digestible diet are best, avoid greasy and hot foods. Eat more green vegetables:carrot, tomato, lotus root, lily, melon and fruit and others rich in carbohydrates and vitamin.

  • 2.Deficiency syndrome:The tonic foods such as mutton, chicken, longan, red dates, etc are best; Deficiency heat people should intake soft-shelled turtle, chicken, eggs, fish, lean meat, white fungus, etc.

General foods:

  • 1.E jiao glutinous rice porridge:e jiao 30 grams, 20 grams of brown sugar, glutinous rice 120 grams. Add 1000 ml water in rice and boil, turn into small fire, add in ground e jiao and then drop in brown sugar. Apply 3 ~ 4 days for once a day as a period of treatment.

  • 2.Kumquat:1000g kumquat, wash and dry, smash into powder. Apply 15 grams each time for 2 times a day.

  • 3.Chestnut juice:boil for 1 hour, take juice and add in proper brown sugar. One dose for 2 times a day. It is effective for various irregular menstruation curing.

  • 4.Cow kidney porridge:one kidney, yang qi shi 200 grams, 120 grams of rice. Clean and cut into two halves, remove the white tendon in kidney, cut into pieces; Wrap grounded yang qi shi in the colth, add various ingredients together into the pot, add water 1600 ml, decoct for 800 ml juice, remove slag, cook porridge with rice with this decoction, add salt, MSG, pepper. Apply one dose a day. Take on an empty stomach.

  • 5.Yi mu cao egg celery:250 grams celery, yi mu cao 50 grams, 2 eggs. Add right amount water, boil soup, add vegetable oil, salt. One dose for 2 times a day, drink soup and eat eggs.

A. In advance menstruation

The irregular period is 7 days or more above the normal one, even 2 times on one month. It is mostly due to the chong meridian and ren meridian not coordinate with each other. This can be divided into qi deficiency, blood heat, blood stasis symptoms.

(1)Qi deficiency:

  • Dietotherapy foods:

Ginseng 20 grams, huang qi 20 grams, jujube 8 pieces, lean meat 100 grams, add moderate amount of water and cook the soup. Eat ginseng, jujube, meat, drink soup once a week.

(2)Blood heat:

1)Sthenia syndrome:

  • Dietotherapy foods:

Celery day lily soup:celery 30g, day lily 15g, add proper water and boil soup. Apply one dose a day for 34 times a week.

2)Deficiency syndrome:

  • Dietotherapy foods:

Longan meat 30g, gou qi zi 30g, sha shen 30g, clean them all and boil twice, collect the juice of 100ml. Make porridge with 100g rice, when it’s medium well, add in the juice and boil well.

(3)Blood stasis:

  • Dietotherapy foods:

Yi mu cao boiled with eggs: yi mu cao 30g, 2 eggs. Boil for a while and peel the eggs and continue to boil for a second. Remove the slag, eat the eggs and drink the soup for 3-4 times a day.

B. Delayed menstruation

Menstrual cycle delays more than 7 days, or even forty to fifty for one time, the period get into 2 months or more. It can be divided into blood deficiency and cold syndromes, deficiency cold syndrome, and qi stagnation syndrome.

1)Blood Deficiency syndrome:

  • Dietotherapy foods:

Longan stewed with eggs: longan meat 30g, one or two eggs. Boil well.

2)Blood cold syndrome:

  • Dietotherapy foods:

Cinnamon shan zha fries:cinnamon 6g, shan zha 15g, brown sugar 30g. Boil well and apply 3-4 times a week.

3)Cold deficiency symptoms:

  • Dietotherapy foods:

Gou qi zi dang gui mutton soup:gou qi zi 20g, dang gui 10g, mutton 150g. Boil the three together, drink the soup and eat meat.

4)Qi stagnant symptoms:

  • Dietotherapy foods:

Yi mu cao chen pi stewed with eggs:yi mu cao 50g, chen pi 6g, 2 eggs. Add appropriate water to boil and then peel the egg. Drink the soup and eat eggs.

C. Irregular menstruation period

Menstruation is more than 7 days in advance, more than 7 days delayed, or no menstruation after the normal time for 3 weeks straight. It is mainly caused by the disorder of qi and blood, disorder function of chong and ren meridians, blood storage disorders, etc. It can be divided into liver part syndrome and kidney part syndrome.

1)Liver part illness:

  • Dietotherapy foods:

Leeks Fried sheep liver:leek 100 g, 150 g liver, proper onion, ginger, salt. Wash leek and slice into pieces, slice the sheep liver, add onion, ginger, salt, and stir-fry until done. Apply 1 time per day. Take a few days before menstruation.

2) Kidney deficiency symptoms:

  • Dietotherapy foods:

Gou Qi zi chicken soup:gou qi zi 30 grams, 30 grams of shan yao, huang qi 20 grams, one hen. Clean and stuff the chicken with shan yao, gou qi zi, huang qi, stew well and add some salt. Drink soup and eat meat,for 2 times a day, take 1 ~ 2 times a week.

D. Hypermenorrhea:

1)Qi deficiency symptoms:

  • Dietotherapy foods:

Black-bone chicken huang qi soup:chicken 250 g, huang qi 60 grams. Clean and boil chicken with huang qi. Ear meat, drink soup.

2)Blood heat symptoms:

  • Dietotherapy foods:

Lotus root lean meat soup:lotus root 250g, lean meat 200g, mung bean 50g. Boil them together and apply 1 time a day for 3-5 days straight.

3)Blood stagnant symptoms:

  • Dietotherapy foods:

Yi mu cao juice:yi mu cao 250g, smash for juice, add little crystal sugar and apply once a day for 3-4 days straight.

E. Hypomenorrhea:

Due to congenital kidney qi deficiency or too much sexual lives, the kidney is lack of essential qi, as well as the blood; Or it is due to insufficient source of qi and blood, blood loss or serious illness, that blood was wasted; Or because of phlegm dampness, poor blood circulation.

1)Kidney deficiency symptoms:

  • Dietotherapy foods:

Gou qi zi porridge:gou qi zi 20g, proper rice. Make porridge. Apply 2-3 times a week.

2)Blood deficiency symptoms:

  • Dietotherapy foods:

Chicken mu er red dates soup:chicken 500g, mu er 30g, red dates 10 pieces. Boil for soup, eat meat and drink soup.

3)Blood stasis symptoms:

  • Dietotherapy foods:

Yi mu cao brown sugar tea: yi mu cao 60g, stew for juice. Drop in proper brown sugar and apply 2-3 days.