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Food therapies on dysentery

Dysentery is an acute febrile damp-heat and virus caused disease. It is occurred more in summer and autumn. Clinical manifestations are mostly of abrupt onset of severe abdominal pain, diarrhea, alo laxata, pus and blood, severe heat and thirsty are all main symptoms.
Diarrhea is mainly caused by improper diet or eating unclean foods, causing injuries of the spleen and stomach damp-heat toxins, accumulating stagnation in the stomach, burning of vein, causing blood stagnation and fester. Therefore, the diet on the treatment of this disease and recovery is very important.

Food therapies principles:

  • 1 For people in acute attack stage, having abdominal pain and diarrhea:food should be mild, in addition to make up intake of water, one should have clean liquid or semi-liquid diet, avoid greasy, spicy foods.

  • 2 Stable stage:Decreased number of excretion, relief of abdominal pain, so the foods can be those digestible, nutritious semifluid ones.

  • 3 Recovery period:Diet should be more normal as usual, and prevent overeating, still those soft, chopped food are best choice.

  • 4 To maintain electrolyte balance and moisture in body , one should drink plenty of water.

  • 5 Avoid foods of much plant fiber.

Food choices:

  • 1.Choose mmild、clean liquid or semiliquid foods such as porridge,paste,lotus root starch, juice and so on. Steamed eggs, fish, noodles and wonton as well. Pig feet soup, greasy foods and bamboo shoots,leeks and those rich in plant fiber are not easy to digest.

  • 2.Pain and fullness in stomach, tenesmus:avoid foods making flatulence such as peanuts, lemon seeds, potatos, yam, milk and honey.

  • 3.Abdominal pain and diarrhoea:avoid cold vegetables and fruits, icecreams, cold dishes, cucumber, watermelon, lotus root, pines and asparagus lettuce are all forbidden.

  • 4.Severe diarrhoea and dry mouth and throat: One need plenty of water, one can choose green tea, lemon tea, tomato soup and jiao da mai soup, etc.

General foods:

  • 1 Xiang chun leaves:xiang chun leaves 150 grams, boil the leaves and collect the decoction, take on empty stomach.

  • 2 Olive fresh olive 100 grams, Water 200ml, put into the casserole and fry for 3 hours, collect juice 100ml, apply 3 times for 100 ml total, on continuous 5 days.

  • 3 Yang Mei:dried Yang Mei 15 grams, boil in water, drink juice and collect yang mei for 3 times a day, apply on empty stomach. Or soak the yang mei in white wine for 3 days, apply 3~5 yang mei each day for 2~3 times a day.

  • 4 Wu mei:20 wu mei, boil in water and apply one dose a day on empty stomach.

  • 5 Shan zha rou:burn the sha zha rou and cores into ashes, add in broth. Apply 3 times a day for 5 grams each time. Or use fresh sha zha 100 grams, peel and remove the core, smashed into juice.

  • 6 Honey: honey 160 grams, split into 4 times to apply in 1 day.

  • 7 Fungus tofu soup: 30 grams of black fungus, tofu 250 grams, make soup, apply 2 times a day for several days.

A.Damp heat and stagnation

clinical manifestation:

Acute attack, serious abdominal pain, severe diarrhea, tenesmus, pus and blood, accompanied by strong heat and thirsty, headache, irritability, short red urine, red tongue, yellow tongue caoting, slippery pulse.

Food therapies principles:

Clear heat, dampness and purging fire for removing toxin.

Food therapies:

  • 1 Ma chi xian:30 grams ma chi xian, sugar 2 spoons. Burn and smash ma chi xian while it is still hot, store in the bowl, add brown sugar and mix well. Apply 2 times a day for 3 days.

  • 2 Ya dan zi:Ya Dan Zi 15 pieces, fresh gui yuan, a few brown sugar. Stuff gui yuan with ya Dan Zi. Apply with brown sugar drink.

  • 3 Jin yin hua lotus seeds porridge:jin yin hua 15 grams, 10 grams of lotus seeds, rice 50~100 grams. Boil the jin yin hua and take juice, add right amount of water, lotus seeds, rice as usual and make porridge. Apply as breakfast.

  • 4 Three materials porridge:shan yao 30 grams, 6 grams of san qi, Ya Dan Zi 20 pieces. 50 grams of rice. Boil shan yao and rice to porridge, smash san qi into powder, peel Ya Dan Zi. Apply san qi powder and ya dan zi with shan yao porridge. Apply twice everyday.

  • 5 Zi xian cai porridge:100 grams zi xian cai, 50 grams of rice. Boiled ye xian cai and collect juice, make porridge with this juice. Apply at breakfast time for 3 days.

B. Remained toxins symptoms:

clinical manifestations:

Long period of dysentery, intermittent symptoms, loose stool, pus and blood, yellow complexion, cold limbs, pale tongue with white coating, thin and retarded pulse.

Food therapies principles:

Tonifying spleen and stomach, clear heat.

Food therapies

  • 1 Huang qi wu mei paste:each 200 grams, clean them and add water to 1000ml, boil with slow fire until the decoction is 500ml, remove the slags, add brown sugar 250 grams, and then concentrated to a thick paste, put into bottle when it’s cold. Apply 20ml each time daily for 2 times.

  • 2 Sugar pickled garlic:fresh garlic 100 grams, salt 10 grams, 50 grams of vinegar. Mix fresh garlic and salt into the container for 3 days, dry them and add vinegar 50 grams into sugar water and soak a few days.

  • 3 Pig liver ding xiang soup:100 grams liver, wu wei zi 9 grams, ding xiang 3 grams, jujube 7 pieces.Put wu wei zi, ding xiang and jujube into bag, tie up,put the bag into the pot, add water, boil with slow fire and collect the juice. Boil the liver slices with the juice. Apply within 1 day for several dosages, take 1 time every 2~3 days, keep 1 month.

  • 4 Shan yao porridge:shan yao 60 grams, 60 grams of rice. Peel shan yao for paste, fry with butter and honey, make it freeze, smash with spoon; make porridge with rice, add shan yao paste. Apply early in the morning as breakfast.

  • 5 Xie bai porridge:Xie bai 10~15 grams, 100 grams of rice. Make the above into porridge. Apply in the morning and at night.