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Food therapies on diabetes

Diabetes is a common endocrine metabolic disease with genetic predisposition. In clinical manifestations it is commonly seen of drinking and eating more, diuresis, or sweet smell of urine.

Diet principles:

  • 1 Reasonable quantity of calories intake
  • 2 Control of carbohydrates intake
  • 3 Reducing the intake of fat
  • 4 Normal protein intake
  • 5 Abundant inorganic salt, vitamin inatake
  • 6 Abundant intake of calcium, zinc and other microelements
  • 7 Abundant dietary Fiber intake
  • 8 Reasonable arrangement of meal
  • 9 Adjustment on time.

Food choices

  • 1.The grains is the main source of carbohydrates.

  • 2.The white sugar, brown sugar, glucose, refined sugar should be forbidden. Cakes made from refined sugar are also in the forbidden list. People who want to eat sweet foods can use a small amount of xylitol, stevia or saccharin as substitution.

  • 3.The chicken, duck, fish, meat, eggs are food containing protein, and should be chosen in accordance with the provisions. Try to choose lean meat and foods with less fat, egg yolk, or internal organs. Milk and dried beans class contain not only carbohydrates, fats and proteins, but also contains more calcium and B vitamins, so the diabetes patients should try to choose this kind of food within the limits.

  • 4.Vegetables are rich in inorganic salt, vitamin and dietary fiber, except the ones with slightly higher carbohydrate such as carrots, potatoes, peas, taro should aware of he intake amount, other vegetables such as cabbage, spinach, tomatoes, white gourd can be choose at will.

  • 5.Fruit contains many monosaccharides, polysaccharides, so try to eat less. If you want to eat, it is better to intake between two meals or before bed at night, but should correspondingly reduce main course intake. For example, 200 grams of orange may be substituted 25 grams main meal. Any foods that will cause high blood sugar should not be touched.

  • 6.Oil for cooking should be vegetable oil and be aware of the daily amount, 50 ~ 60 grams per day, and strictly control the intake of fat foods, people that are not fat can choose peanuts, walnuts and other nuts food as appease hunger food.

General foods:

  • 1.(1)Cook the balsam pear for food of 100 grams on each meal. Apply 1-3 times a day.

  • (2) Make balsam pear into powder, apply with warm water for 10 g each time, of 1 to 3 times a day.

  • 2.1 Fresh Onions:Fry one onion each meal, keep crispy.

  • 3.Water convolvulus:cook for meal.

  • 4.Mushrooms, fresh spinach, pig pancreatic parts:according to one’s favorite taste to cook meal.

  • 5.Wo jiao san: dry the loach, remove head and tail, burn into ashes. Smash lotus leaves into powder as well. Apply mixed powder for 10 g each time of 3 times a day.

  • 6.Steamed crucian carp:one cup, clean and remove the inner organs, stuff with 10 grams green tea, steam well and do not add salt, apply 1 time a day.

  • 7.Zi cui drink:huang qi, shan yu rou 10 grams each, sheng di, shan yao each 30 grams, boil and collect soup, take with zhu yi fen 10 grams each time for 3 times per day.

  • 8.Huang qi shan yao porridge:30 grams of huang qi, boil and collect juice 300 ml, remove slags, add in shan yao powder 60 grams, boil into porridge. Apply 1 ~ 2 times a day.

  • 9.Shan yao rice kernel porridge:shan yao 60 grams, 30 grams of rice kernels, cook porridge. Apply 2 times per day.

A.Upper diabetes

Clinical manifestations

Drink more, frequent thirsty, thirsty right after drinking, frequency of urine, dry throat, normal appetite, red tongue, less mouth fluid, yellow and dry tongue coating, rapid pulse.

Food principles:

Nourishing yin and clear heat, moisturing dryness and relieve thirsty.

Food therapies:

  • 1.Ge gen porridge:ge gen and rice ratio 1:2, cook porridge as usual. Apply two times a day.

  • 2.The balsam pear clam meat pot:cook by your favorite way.

  • 3.A pear:make juice and apply a spoonful every time for 3 times a day.

  • 4.The fresh persimmon leaf:fresh persimmon leaves 20 grams, pickle in salt, apply 2 pieces each time for 3 times a day.

  • 5.Wu mei:wu mei 6 grams, smash into powder, add 2 small cups of water, boil and collect one cup of juice, remove slag, add soy sauce 200 grains, boil until the juice into half cup, remove slag. Apply before sleep.

B. Middle diabetes

Clinical manifestations

Eat more but easy to get hungry, accompanied by frequent thirsty, tidal fever and night sweating, getting thinner day by day, frequency urine, dry stool, dizziness, tinnitus, red tongue, yellow coating or thin white coating, slippery and rapid pulse.

Principle of food therapies

Clear stomach and purging fire, nourish yin and body liquid.

Foods therapies:

  • 1.Pumpkin:peel and cut into pieces, boil until water in pot dry up. Apply two times a day for continuously 1 month.

  • 2.The fresh shan yao:shan yao and rice ratio is 2:1. Cook porridge.

  • 3.Zhu yi rice kernel porridge:one zhu yi, rice kernel 60 grams, proper salt. Boil zhu yi for soup and make porridge with rice kernel, add salt for flavor.

  • 4.Zhu yi stewed with huang qi, one zhu yi, 30 grams of huang qi. Stew togther. Eat meat and drink soup.

C.Lower diabetes:

Clinical manifestations

Urination frequency;sweet urine smell; turbid urine; polydipsia and thirsty; swelling limbs; drowsiness and fatigue; purple tongue with no coating; weak pulse.

Food therapies Principles

Nourish kidney and Yin, clear inner heat.

Food therapies:

  • 1 Pig pancreas sea cucumber egg:sea cucumber 50g, 2 pig pancreas, two eggs, a little soy sauce. Slice and stew sea cucumber with pig pancreatic. Drop the eggs in after well cooked, add soy sauce, apply 1 time daily.

  • 2 Gou qi zi stewed with rabbit meat:gou qi zi 15 grams, rabbit meat 250 grams. Stew together. Add some salt. Drink soup and eat meat, take 1 ~ 2 times a day.

  • 3 The silkworm cocoon soup:cocoon 8 ~ 10 pieces. Cook soup. Apply frequently.

  • 4 White gourd juice, 1000 g white gourd, boil well, collect juice. Drink juice frequently.

  • 5 Viviparid soup:hundreds of tian luo. Soak in water overnight and boil for soup. Eat meat and drink soup.