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Food therapies for frequent micturition

Normal people urinate about 4 to 6 times in day and 0 to 2 times at night. Frequent micturition refers to unusual increase in urinate during normal circumstances, and can be divided into physiological and pathological illness. Excessive drinking, nervous or climate changing can cause physiological micturition; while the pathological one is mostly urinary tract infection, or physical and chemical urinary tract stimulation, mainly of the bladder problem.

Therapeutic principles

  • 1 First, the disease must be diagnosed. It is frequently been diagnosed that micturition are infection of urination tract or diabetes. The former one has few urine but accompany with pain, so the food therapies should be of more diuretic foods, the latter one has more urine, constant thirsty, polyorexia, so the diet should be of low calories, avoiding high glucose and starch.

  • 2 Frequent micturition is usually occurred on old people, TCM believes that it may have some relations between their increased amount of urine and kidney yang deficiency and the illness, so the food therapies should be nourishing yang of kidney.

  • 3 For children, micturition mainly belongs to neurological urinary frequency, and is kind of deficiency of kidney-qi, so food therapies should pay much attention to the kidney-qi nourishing.

  • 4 Gonorrhoea patients avoid smoking and drinking, spicy food and condiments, such as onions, garlic, ginger, pepper, leek etc.Also, dog, rabbit meat, mutton and other warm-property foods, greasy and fried food should be abandoned.

Frequently applied foods:

1.For people of gonorrhoea and who have pain in frequent micturition, mild foods and easy-digested foods are better choice, juicy、nutritious and of full vitamins foods are the recommendations. Fresh vegetables、fruits are highly recommended, such as green vegetables, watermelon, white guard, red bean, mung bean, mustard, bamboo shoots, pear, lotus root, loquat, Ma Lan tou, bai guo, corn, celery, lettuce and so on. Drink more water and soup, so the urines can be excreted normally.

2.For people of gonorrhoea and who belong to weak in spleen and kidney, tonic foods are of first choice, such as lotus seeds, longan, yam, potatoes, chicken, fish, eggs, etc.

3.Hyperglycaemia patients should intake more grain foods, especially those nourish yin and clearing heat, such as hei mu er, lily, water chestnut, pear, yam, lotus seed, tuckahoe, walnut kernels, lentils, sponge gourd, wax gourd, gou qi zi, etc.

General therapies:

1.Walnut: proper amount of walnut, decocted with salty water, drink up the whole decoction.

2.Bai guo 5 pieces, dong gua zi 30g, make water decoction.

3.Sheep bladder: one piece about 30g, clean it well and decoct with water.

4.Gan zhe, lotus root each 500 g, smash them and divide into three decoctions.

5.Ya zhen pi porridge: ya zhen pi one piece, rice 50 g. Clean the ya zhen pi, boil it with slow fire, smash into powder for latter use. Make rice porridge, add in ya zhen pi and boil another round, add white sugar to change the flavor. Apply two times a day, each time one bowl of the porridge. You may apply as breakfast and supper as well.

6.Stewed xiang gu with red dates: xiang gu, red dates, crystal sugar each 10g, two eggs. Smash the eggs and steam with other materials together. Apply one time at breakfast each day for a week.

7.stigmata maydis 15g, decoct with water, add sugar as tea.

Dialectical food therapies:

A.deficiency of kidney qi:

Clinical manifestations:

Clear and long urine;accompany with white complexion; dizzy head; tinnitus; soreness and weakness of waist and knees; pale tongue; white coating on tongue; weak pulse.

Food therapies principles:

Invigorating kidney qi.

Food therapies:

  • 1.Dog meat black bean soup:dog meat250g, black bean 50g. Boil the materials, add sugar and salt. Eat the meat and drink the soup for three times a day.

  • 2.Fu penbai guo soup:zhu xiao du 150g, bai guo 5 pieces, fu pen zi 10g. Fry and hull the bai guo, clean the zhu xiao du with salty water, slice into cubes. Mix the bai guofu pen zizhu xiao du into the marmite, stew for 2 hours after the water boiled.

  • 3.Li zi porridge:li zi 150g, rice 100g, proper amount of crystal sugar.
    Clean the li zi and cut a slice. Boil for 2-3 minutes, peel the coating. Clean the rice and make porridge, add in the li zi & crystal sugar, when the sugar melt, the porridge is ready. Apply as breakfast or anytime you like.

  • 4.Hai shen porridge:hai shen 100g, rice 100g. Soak the hai shen, clean and slice them, then add into the pot with rice and boil well. Flavour it when it’s about to ready.

  • 5.Ji nei jin tu si soup:ji nei jin 100g, tu si zi 100g, sang piao xiao25g. Fry the three ingredients gently and smash into powder. Apply 6 g everyday with water.

  • 6.Shan yu rou porridge:shan yu rou 30g, rice 60g, proper sugar. Clean the shan yu rou, mix with rice, make porridge and add sugar. Split into two times a day for this bowl of porridge.

B.Kidney-yang deficiency:

Clinical manifestations:

Pale complexion; stressful and tired;cold and pain in waist and knees;cold limbs;thin excrements; frequent urine;enuresis nocturna; pale tongue with white coating;collapsing and weak pulse.

Food therapies principles:

Nourishing the kidney and yang qi.

Food therapies:

  • 1.Qian shi stewed with duck:qian shi 200g, one duck. Stew together, add salt, ginger,green onion.

  • 2.Mutton dried shrimp soup:mutton 150g, dried shrimp 30g, garlic 40g. Clean the mutton, slice it. Boil the dried shrimp with garlic, green onion and salt; when the shrimp is ready, add mutton slices. Drink the soul and eat the meat.

  • 3.Ma que porridge:five ma que, clean it and expel the viscera, fry and stew with rice into porridge. Remember to add some wine. When the porridge is about to ready, add three pieces of white onion, stew a while. Eat the porridge and the ma que meat.

  • 4.Goat lung soup:one piece of goat lung, 30g of white onion, 30 g of dou chi. Clean the lung and slice it, stew well with dou chi and white onion. Apply two to three times a day.

  • 5.Jiu cai porridge:jiu cai60g, rice 100g. Make porridge and add in the jiu cai, drop some oil, salt the porridge. Apply two or three times a day.

  • 6.Goat stomach pepper soup:one piece of goat stomach, clean and boil it, add pepper、oil and salt.

  • 7.Xian mao wine:xian mao 30g, and soak xian mao into 500 ml wine for 5-7days. Apply one time in the morning and at night for 30ml.

  • 8.Ci wei pi yi zhi ren soup:ci wei pi 30g, yi zhi ren 30g, Chinese cinnamon powder、sha ren each of 30g, wu yao 10g. Cut the ci wei pi into sections, stew with yi zhi ren、Chinese cinnamon powder、sha ren and wu yao util it’s well done. Apply together with the soup.

  • 9.Ipomoea batatas xie bai geng:Ipomoea batatas 250g, a bundle of xie bai. Proper dou chi. Peel the Ipomoea batatas, slice the xie bai, use dou chi for the sauce. Apply on empty stomach for one time a day.

C. Kidney yin deficiency

clinical manifestations:

Frequent urine with yellow color;thirsty;red face;dysphoria;giddy dazzled, tinnitus, lumbar genu aching and limp is faint;burning limbs and heart;dry manure;red tongue;thin pulses.

Food therapies principles:

Nourish the kidney yin, urine containment.

Food therapies:

  • 1.Shan yao zhi mu decoction:shan yao powder 30g, tian hua fen 15g,zhi mu15g, ji nei jin powder 10g, wu wei zi 10g,ge fen 10g. Add 500ml water and mix with zhi mu and wu wei zi, make 300ml decoction, remove the dregs, then add in shan yao powder, ge fen, tian hua fen, ji nei jin powder into palster, when the decoction is boiling, pour in and stir into thick soup. Apply 100 ml a day for three times.

  • 2.Gou qi stewed with rabbit meat:gou qi 15g, rabbit meat 250g, proper vegetables、oil and salt. Boil gou qi and rabbit meat till they’re ready, then add in the vegetables、oil and salt. Drink the soup and eat the meat for 1 time every one or two days.

  • 3.Shan yao gou qi porridge:shan yao and gou qi each of 10g, rice 50g. Add proper water and make porridge. Apply 3-4 times every week.

  • 4.He taoporridge:he tao ren 15g, rice 100g. Clean the rice add he tao ren together in the pot, add in sugar and boil till it’s boiled. Turn to slow fire and stew until its totally well done. Apply 2-3times a week.

D.Kidney qi deficiency:

clinical manifestations:

Clear and long urine;yellow complexion;always feel tired and exausted; eating less and anorexia;loose stool;pale tongue with white coating; weak and slow pulse.

Food therapies principles:

Tonifying spleen and qi;control the urine system functioning.

Food therapies:

1.Zhu du lian zi soup:one piece of zhu du, lian zi 300g. Make porridge together, apply 2-3 times a week.

2.Ji nei jin sha ren soup:1 ji nei jin, proper sha ren. Boil together, apply several times a day.

3.Qian shi nuo mi porridge:qian shi 100g, proper amount of nuo mi. Make porridge and apply 2-3 times a day.

4.Pork fries with xiang gu:pork 100g, xiang gu 100g, yellow rice wine 5g. Clean the xiang gu, soak in water. Slice the pork. Make sauce with yellow wine、sugar、soy sauce、aginomoto、salt、flour. Cook the pork and xiang gu with quick deep-fry of 15 minutes then add the sauce and stir even.

5.Fu pen zi stewed with beef:yellow beef meat 1000g, fu pen zi50g. Clean the beef and cut into squares. Clean the fu pen zi and soak in yellow wine. Stir the beef in quick fire for 5 minuts and add 2 spoon of yellow wine、soy sauce of 4 spoon, and stew for 5 minutes, add fu pen zi and hui xiang at last. Pour in cold water until it drown the beef, switch to slow fire and stew for another 2 hours after the boiling. Eat the meal and drink the soup.

E. Deficiency of stomach yin

Clinical manifestations:

Long and frequent urine, accompany with dry mouth and lips; thirsty& frequent drinking;less appetite; weakness;dry stool; pale tongue; yellow coating;thin and rapid pulse.

Food therapies principles:

Nourish yin and spleen; smooth the intestines and defecation.

Food therapies:

1.Bai yu tea:yu zhubai zhudang guibai he each of 30g, make the decoction. Drink as tea.

2.Shan yao geng mi porridge:shan yao50g, huang jingsha shen each 15g, geng mi(rice) 50g. Smash the shan yao into powder, stew huang jing and sha shen and collect the clear decoction. All geng mi and shan yao powder in the clear decoction and make porridge. Apply as breakfast.

3.Shi hu sheng di tea:shi husheng dishu ditian dongmai dongsha shennv zhen ziyin chen and pi pa ye each of 9 g, waterlemon juice 100ml. Boil the above ingredients well and apply as tea.