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Danggui Niantong Tang

The Prescription of Danggui Niantong Tang


The book Lan Shi Mi Cang



Dang Gui: Tonifying blood and activating blood to alleviate pain, regulating menstruation, and moistening intestines.

Zhu Ling and Ze Xie: Draining dampness, removing excessive fluid by promoting diuresis.

Huang Qin: Clearing heat and drying dampness.

Sheng Ma: The principal drug, being pungent and sweet in flavor and slightly cold in nature, expelling pathogenic factors from the muscles and skin, promoting eruption, removing toxic substances.

Ge Gen: Assisting Sheng Ma in promoting eruption and expelling exo-pathogens, aiding in the production of body fluids.

Bai Zhu: Strengthening the spleen and drying dampness.

Cang Zhu: Drying dampness and invigorating spleen, dispelling wind-dampness.

Ren Shen: Tonifying qi.

Fang Feng: Dispersing wind pathogen to relieve exterior syndrome.

Qiang Huo: Going up to disperse wind-cold-dampness pathogens in the exterior.

Ku Shen: Clearing heat and drying dampness, purging fire and removing toxicity, killing parasites and inducing diuresis.

Zhi Mu: Clearing heat and purging fire, nourishing yin and moistening dryness.

Yin Chen: Clearing away dampness-heat to treat jaundice.

Zhi Gan Cao: Invigorating the spleen and stomach, tempering the actions of all the other ingredients.

The Effect of Danggui Niantong Tang


Disease caused by damp-heat.


Decoct in water for oral dose to be taken on empty stomach.