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Da Qianghuo Tang

The Prescription of Da Qianghuo Tang


The book of Wei Sheng Bao Jian



Qiang Huo: The principal drug, being pungent and bitter in flavor and warm in nature, going up to disperse wind-cold-dampness pathogens in the exterior.

Du Huo: Removing wind-dampness in the lower of the body, working together with Qiang Huo to expel wind-dampness throughout the body and the joints so as to treat arthralgia.

Sheng Ma: Expelling pathogenic factors from the muscles and skin, promoting eruption, removing toxic substances.

Fang Feng and Cang Zhu: Inducing diaphoresis to remove dampness and assisting Qiang Huo in relieving exterior syndrome.

Bai Zhu, Fu Ling: Promoting water metabolism and strengthening the spleen.

Dang Gui: Nourishing Yin and blood.

Ze Xie: Induce diuresis and drain dampness.

The Effect of Da Qianghuo Tang


Pain of the limbs, inhibited bending and stretching, poor appetite, immediate vomiting of ingested food, distention and fullness, sallow complexion, collapsing and slow pulse.


Decocted in water for oral dose to be taken twice.


Avoid wine, hard food, raw or cold food during treatment.