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Chushi Weiling Tang

The Prescription of Chushi Weiling Tang


The book Yi Zong Jin Jian



Hou Po, Chen Pi,Cang Zhu and Gan Cao: Drying dampness and harmonizing the stomach and spleen.

Ze Xie, Zhu Ling, Fu Ling and Bai Zhu: Strengthening the spleen and promoting diuresis.

Rou Gui: Reinforcing fire and strengthening yang, warming meridians and collaterals.

Fang Feng: Dispelling wind-damp and releasing exterior.

Shan Zhi and Hua Shi: Clearing away pathogenic damp-heat through promoting the discharge of feces and urine.

Mu Tong: Clearing heart-fire and promoting diuresis.

The Effect of Chushi Weiling Tang


Clear heat and dry dampness, strengthen the spleen and induce diuresis.


Eczema, psoriasis, herpes zoster.


Decoct in water with Deng Xin Cao for oral dose to be taken on empty stomach.