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  1. 承泣
  2. ST1

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Chengqi(ST1,承泣) is an acupuncture point in the meridian named Yangming Stomach Meridian of Foot.


Directly below the pupil, between the infraorbital ridge and the eyeball, when the eyes are looking straight ahead.


  • ①Twitching of the eyelids, tearing due to wind irritation, nyctalopia (night blindness), myopia;
  • ②deviation of the eye and mouth, facial paralysis, facial spasms.


Push the eyeball up slightly with the left thumb and do a perpendicular insertion 0.5~1.5 cun along the infraorbital ridge. It is not advisable to manipulate the needle with lifting and thrusting, to avoid injuring the blood vessel, which will result in a hematoma. Press the point when the needle is withdrawn, to avoid bleeding.