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Chaihu Zhijie Tang

The Prescription of Chaihu Zhijie Tang


The book Chong Ding Tong Su Shang Han Lun



Chai Hu: The principal drug, being bitter and pungent in flavor and slightly cold in nature, tending to distribute so as to disperse pathogenic factors from the superficies of the body.

Huang Qin: Being bitter in taste and cold in nature, being adept in removing pathogenic heat in Shaoyang channel.

Zhi Qiao and Jie Geng: Activating the Qi in the upper-Jiao with the former ascending and the latter descending.

Sheng Jiang: Regulating the stomach and descending the adverse flow of Qi.

Chen Pi: Promoting flow of qi, arresting vomiting, drying dampness and resolving phlegm.

The Effect of Chaihu Zhijie Tang


Harmonize the exterior and interior.


Decocted in water for oral dose to be taken twice.