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  2. Chaihu Shugan San

Chaihu Shugan San


Bupleurum Powder for Relieving Liver-Qi

  1. 柴胡疏肝散

The Prescription of Chaihu Shugan San


The book Jing Yue Quan Shu



Chai Hu: The principal drug, being bitter and pungent in taste and slightly cold in nature, soothing the liver to regulate the circulation of Qi.

Shao Yao and Chuan Xiong: Regulating the flow of blood, nourishing the liver, relieving pain.

Chen Pi: Promoting the circulation of Qi, strengthening the stomach.

Xiang Fu and Zhi Qiao: Soothing the liver, regulating the circulation of Qi.

Gan Cao: Tempering the actions of all the other ingredients, coordinating with Shao Yao to exert the action of relieving spasm and pain.

The Effect of Chaihu Shugan San


Soothing the liver to promote the circulation of Qi, regulating blood flow to alleviate pain.


Syndrome due to stagnation of the liver-Qi, marked by hypochondriac pain, fullness and distention in the chest and abdomen, alternate chills and fever, whitish tongue coating, and taut pulse; including such diseases with the above symptoms as chronic gastritis, chronic hepatitis, intercostal neuralgia, etc.


Decocted in water for oral dose to be taken twice (Taken as a powder originally)