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  2. 黄芪建中汤


The Prescription of 黄芪建中汤


The book Jin Gui Yao Lue



Yi Tang: Replenishing the spleen-Qi to nourish the spleen-Yin, warming and tonifying the middle-Jiao, nourishing the liver to relieve pain, moisturizing the dryness of the lung.

Huang Qi: Invigorating Qi and tonifying the spleen and stomach.

Gui Zhi: Warming Yang-Qi.

Shao Yao: Replenishing Yin-blood.

Zhi Gan Cao: Being sweet in flavor and warming nature benefiting Qi, not only assisting Yi Tang and Gui Zhi in replenishing Qi and warming the middle-Jiao but also getting together with Shao Yao to promote the production of Yin-fluid, thus invigorating the liver and nourishing the spleen.

Sheng Jiang: Warming the stomach.

Da Zao: Tonifying the spleen, working together with Sheng Jiang to regulate Ying and Wei.

The Effect of 黄芪建中汤


Warm the spleen and stomach and tonify qi, harmonize the interior.


Poor appetite, night sweat, spontaneous perspiration, dry lips, weakness after illness, consumptive disease, sallow complexion, heavy body, restlessness, palpitation, asthma with fatigue, acute abdominal pain.


The first 6 ingredients in the prescription were first decocted twice for the decoction into which 30 g of Yi Tang was put, taken warm three times a day.