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Expelling parasite:

This method is to use insecticidal drugsto expel parasite in the body. Depending on the patient's constitutions and state of illness, slow treatment and fast treating are available. Inspection results should be for reference for choosing different recipes. Expelling parasite drugs often contain Wu Mei, Chuan Jiao, Lei Wan, Bing Lang, He Shi, Hu Fen, Shi Jun Zi, Ku Lian Gen Pi, etc.

If patient’s condition pertains to cold, prescription should be matched with Gan Jiang, Chuan Jiao, Xi Xin, etc. Representative has li zhong an hui tang. For conditions pertains to hot, prescription should match Huang Lian, Huang Bai, representative is lian mei an hui tang; For conditions of both cold and heat, wu mei is available; For acute disease, medicines should add Da Huang, Hei Chou to dispel parasite, prescription such as Bu Dai Wan. For slow condition, available combination is to use tonics together.

Prescriptions mentioned above are mostly used for expelling roundworm.

To expel pinworm: Use Lei Wan, Bai Bu, Suis Fellis Pulvis, make them into soup.
To expel Fasciolopsis buski and tapeworm: Use Bing Lang, Wu Mei, Nan Gua Zi, etc.
To expel hookworm: Use Fei Zi, He Shi, Bing Lang, Guan Zhong, Da Suan, etc.