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  2. 针头散


The Prescription of 针头散


The Book Wai Ke Fa Hui



Chi Shi Zhi: Astringe wound to stop bleeding.

Ru Xiang: Activate blood, promote the flow of qi and alleviate pain, resolve swelling and promote tissue regeneration.

Bai Ding Xiang: Remove the ulcer of wound.

Pi Shi: Counteract toxic pathogen, corrode wound and remove putridity.

Qing Fen and Huang Dan: Counteract toxic pathogen and resolve putridity and promote tissue regeneration, astringe dampness and relieve itching.

She Xiang: Activate blood and alleviate pain.

Wu Gong: Counteract toxic pathogen and dissipate nodulation, unblock collateral and alleviate pain.

The Effect of 针头散


Unhealing wound, scrofula, intractable sores.


All the drugs are ground into fine powder. The powder is applying on the affected area.