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  2. 金锁固精丸



Golden Lock Pill for Keeping the Kidney Essence

  1. Jinsuo Gujing Wan
  2. 金鎖固精丸

The Prescription of 金锁固精丸


The book Yi Fang Ji Jie



Sha Yuan and Ji Li: The principal drugs, reinforcing the kidney to astringe emission.

Lian Zi: Clearing away the heart-fire and easing mental anxiety.

Long Gu, Mu Li, Lian Xu and Qian Shi: Astringing emission and enuresis.

The Effect of 金锁固精丸


Reinforcing the kidney and astringing emission.


Syndrome due to deficiency of the kidney and depletion of the vital essence, marked by nocturnal emission, spermatorrhea, listlessness, lassitude, soreness and weakness of the limbs, lumbar aching, tinnitus, pale tongue with whitish coating, and thready weak pulse; including such diseases with the above symptoms as functional disturbance of the vegetative nerves and myasthenia gravis.


All the ingredients are ground into powder, the powder is made into pills with the paste of Lian Zi Rou (Semen Nelumbinis). 9 g of the pills is taken each time with slightly salty water or boiled water, 3 times daily. Or the ingredients and properly reduced according to the original proportions and decocted in water with an adequate amount or Lian Zi Rou for the decoction to be taken orally.