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  2. 酸枣仁汤



Wild Jujube Seed Decoction

  1. Suanzaoren Tang
  2. 酸棗仁湯

The Prescription of 酸枣仁汤


The book Jin Gui Yao Lue



Suan Zao Ren: The principal drug, being sweet and sour in taste and neutral in nature, nourishing the liver-blood and calming the mind.

Chuan Xiong: Regulating and nourishing the liver-blood.

Fu Ling: Relieving mental stress.

Zhi Mu: Being moist in nature, clearing away heat and purging fire.

Gan Cao: Removing pathogenic heat and tempering the actions or all the other ingredients.

The Effect of 酸枣仁汤


Nourishing blood to tranquilize the mind, clearing away pathogenic heat to relieve restlessness.


Syndrome of insomnia due to restlessness of deficiency type or consumption, marked by palpitation, night sweat, dizziness, vertigo, dry mouth and throat, and thready rapid pulse; including neurosism, etc. with the above symptoms.


Suan Zao Ren is decocted first and then the other ingredients are added for the decoction to be taken 3 times.