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  2. 连梅安蛔汤


The Prescription of 连梅安蛔汤


The book Li Yue Fang



Bing Lang: Expelling roundworms, promoting the flow of Qi, relieving diarrhea and helping discharge the killed worms.

Shi Jun Zi: One of the principal drugs, being sweet in taste and warm in nature, killing worms and eliminating stagnated food.

Huang Lian: Clearing away retained heat.

Wu Mei: Calming roundworms to restrain their movement so as to relieve pain.

Shu Jiao and Xi Xin: Being pungent in flavor to expel roundworms, being warm in nature to warm the internal organs and dispel cold.

Huang Lian, Tu Fu Ling and Huang Bai: Clearing heat and removing toxicity.

Chi Shao: Clearing heat and cooling blood, activating blood and resolving stasis.

The Effect of 连梅安蛔汤


Quiet ascaris to alleviate pain, eliminate stagnation, clear heat and cool blood.


Decoct in water for oral dose to be taken three times a day.