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  2. 豬苓湯



Umbellate Pore Decoction

  1. Zhuling Tang
  2. 猪苓汤

The Prescription of 豬苓湯


The book Shang Han Lun



Zhu Ling: The principal drug, being sweet and insipid in flavor and cold in nature, removing dampness and promoting diuresis so as to clear away heat.

Fu Ling and Ze Xie: Promoting diuresis.

Hua Shi: Clearing away heat and promoting diuresis.

E Jiao: Nourishing Yin and moistening dryness.

The Effect of 豬苓湯


Removing dampness, clearing away heat and nourishing Yin.


Syndrome due to accumulation of dampness and heat and impairment of yin by heat pathogen, marked by dysuria, fever, thirst with desire for drinking, or restlessness, insomnia, or such symptoms are accompanied as cough, vomiting, nausea and diarrhea, or difficulty and pain in micturition, dribbling urine, fullness and pain in the lower abdomen, etc.; including such diseases with the above symptoms as infection of the urinary system, nephritis, etc.


E Jiao is melted and, then, all the ingredients are decocted in water for the decoction to be taken twice.