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  2. 表里双解法


All treating methods that use drugs curing internal and external diseases are called Biao Li Shuang Jie method. For those have both external and extreme serious internal symptoms, drugs that can only cure the external ones can not help out. In this case, it is necessary to consider this two-way method that help pathogenic factors disappear quickly.

1.Jie Biao Gong Li method(Reliving the external symptoms and healing internal ones)

The solutions is to use prescription of constitutions combined with reliving external illness and purgation medicines, such as Hou bu qi wu tang, The Prescription of Da Chaihu Tang.

2.Jie biao qing li method(Reliving the external symptoms and clearing internal ones)

The method is using drugs combined with medicines of reliving external illness and purgation. The Prescription of Gegen Huangqin Huanglian Tang, san huang shi gao tang.

3.Jie biao wen li method(Reliving the external symptoms and warm inner body)

TCM medicine combined with Jie biao and wen li drugs to treat cold, phlegm stagnation syndrome, The Prescription of Wuji San is representative. This method is only used for exterior and internal syndromes.