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  2. 补肾固齿丸


The Prescription of 补肾固齿丸


Pharmacopoeia of China



Shu Di: Tonifying the kidney and liver, supplementing essence.

Zi He Che: Nourishing qi and blood, tonifying the liver and kidney.

Gu Sui Bu: Tonifying kidney and strengthening the bones, promoting the circulation of blood to stop bleeding.

Di Huang: Nourishing yin and tonifying blood, clearing heat and cooling blood.

Ji Xue Teng: Tonifying blood and promoting the circulation of blood, dredging meiridians.

Shan Yao: Tonifying qi, nourishing yin, and tonifying the spleen, lung and kidney.

Gou Qi: Tonifying the liver and kidney, moistening the lung, strengthening the tendons and bones.

Niu Xi: Activating blood and dredging meridians, tonifying the liver and kidney, strengthening tendon and bone, promoting diuresis and relieving stranguria, conducting fire (blood) to go downward.

Dan Shen: Promoting blood circulation and dispelling blood stasis.

Zhi Huang Qi: Invigorating Qi and tonifying the spleen and stomach.

Ye Ju Hua: Clearing heat and removing toxicity, resolving swelling to alleviate pain.

Dan Pi: Clearing heat, cooling blood and dissipating stasis.

Wu Wei Zi: Replenishing qi and promoting the secretion of body fluids.

Fu Ling: Strengthening the spleen and eliminating dampness.

Ze Xie: Inducing diuresis and draining dampness, purging heat.

Lou Lu: Clearing heat and removing toxicity, curing abscess and dissipating nudulation.

Yu Jin: Activating blood to alleviate pain, clearing heat and cooling blood.

Rou Gui: Reinforcing fire and strengthening yang, dispelling cold to alleviate pain, warming meridians and collaterals.

The Effect of 补肾固齿丸


Tonify the kidney and strengthen tooth, activate blood and remove toxicity.


Periodontal disease due to kidney deficiency and blood-heat, gum bleeding, loosening of tooth, weakness in the teeth.