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The Prescription of 皂角苦参丸


The book Yi Zong Jin Jian



Da Hu Ma: Moistening dryness and relaxing the bowels, tonifying blood and dispelling wind.

Ren Shen: Invigorating primodial Qi, aiding in transporting and transforming nutrients and regulating the ascending and descending movement of Qi.

Lian Qiao: Dispersing wind-heat, clearing heart-heat and removing toxicity.

Bai Fu Zi: Dispelling wind-phlegm, drying damp-phlegm.

Man Jing Zi: Dispersing wind-heat, relieving pain.

Wei Ling Xian: Dispelling wind-damp, unblocking collaterals.

Zhu Ya Zao: Dispelling phlegm, opening orifice and blockage, dispelling wind.

Niu Bang Zi: Dispersing wind-heat, clearing the toxic heat, promoting eruption.

Gou Qi: Nourishing liver and kidney yin, supplementing blood and essence.

Shou Wu: Tonifying blood, supplementing essence, removing toxicity.

Dang Gui and Chuan Xiong: Nourishing blood and promoting its circulation.

Gan Cao: Tempering the actions of all the other ingredients.

Chuan Niu Xi: Dispelling wind and inducing diuresis, activating blood and stimulating the menstrual flow.

Da Feng Zi: Dispelling wind and eliminating dampness, counteracting toxic pathogen.

Du Zhong: Tonifying the liver and kidney, strengthening tendons and bones.

Qing Feng Teng: Dispelling wind-damp, promoting diuresis.

Qiang Huo and Du Huo: Removing wind, cold and dampness pathogens from the whole body.

Sha Ren: Resolving dampness and promoting the flow of qi.

Ku Shen: Clearing heat and drying dampness, purging fire and removing toxicity, inducing diuresis.

Tian Ma and Ji Li: Pacifying liver and soothing the liver, dispelling wind.

Bai Zhi, Fang Feng and Cang Zhu: Inducing diaphoresis to remove dampness and assisting Qiang Huo in relieving exterior syndrome.

Jing Jie: Dispelling wind and releasing exterior, promoting eruption, alleviating itching.

Quan Xie: Extinguishing wind, counteracting toxic pathogen and dissipating nodulation, unblocking collateral and alleviating pain.

Bai Hua She: Dispelling wind-damp, soothing tendons and activating collaterals, dispelling wind to relieve itching.

Cao Wu: Dispelling wind-damp, warming meridians to alleviate pain.

The Effect of 皂角苦参丸


Clear heat and dry dampness, dispel wind and relieve itching.


Eczema papulosum.


All the drugs are pounded into fine powder. The powder is made with vinegar and old rice into pills.


Take shelter from the wind and avoid certain food during medication.