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  2. 當歸補血湯



Chinese Angelica Decoction for Enriching Blood

  1. Danggui Buxue Tang
  2. 当归补血汤

The Prescription of 當歸補血湯


The book Nei Wai Shang Bian Huo Lun



Huang Qi: Used in large dose to invigorate strongly the Qi of the spleen and lung so as to promote the production of blood.

Dang Gui: Enriching blood and regulating Yang, working together with Huang Qi to result in the growth of both Yang and Yin and the generation of both Qi and blood.

The Effect of 當歸補血湯


Supplementing Qi to promote the production of blood.


Syndrome of fever due to blood deficiency, marked by muscle-heat and flushed face, excessive thirst with desire for drinking, full large but weak pulse, or headache during menstruation or after giving birth, or unhealing opening of a carbuncle or furfuncle; including such diseases with the above manifestations as various anemia, allergic purpura, dysfunctional
uterine bleeding, leukopenia and neurosism.


Decocted in water for oral dose to be taken twice.