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Oyster Shell Powder

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  2. 牡蠣散

The Prescription of 牡蛎散


The book Tai Ping Hui Min He Ji Ju Fang



Mu Li: The principal drug, replenishing Yin, suppressing the hyperactivies of Yang, relieving restlessness and astringing sweating.

Huang Qi: Invigorating Qi to consolidate the superficial resistance.

Ma Huang Gen: Arresting perspiration specially.

Xiao Mai: Invigorating the heart-Qi, replenishing the heart-Yin, stopping sweating.

The Effect of 牡蛎散


Consolidating the superficial resistance and stopping sweating.


Syndrome of spontaneous sweating due to floating of Yang, marked by frequent perspiration, severe night sweating lasting longer, palpitation, inclination to be frightened, pale tongue with whitish coating, and thready weak pulse; including such diseases with the above symptoms as spontaneous sweating and night sweat due to disturbance of the vegetative nerve function and night sweati due to tuberculosis.


The first 3 ingredients are ground into coarse powder. 9 g of the powder is taken with the decoction of 30 g of Xiao Mai each time, twice daily. Or the first 3 ingredients are properly reduced and decocted in water with 30 g of Xiao Mai for decoction be taken orally.