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  2. 清燥救肺汤



Decoction for Relieving Dryness of the Lung

  1. Qingzao Jiufei Tang
  2. 清燥救肺湯

The Prescription of 清燥救肺汤


The Book Yi Men Fa Lv



Sang Ye: The principal drug, ventilating the lung to dispel dryness.

Shi Gao: Removing heat in the Lung Channel.

Mai Dong: Removing dryness from the lung.

Xing Ren and Pi Pa Ye: Facilitating the flow of the lung-Qi.

E Jiao and Hu Ma Ren: Moistening the lung and nourishing Yin.

Ren Shen and Gan Cao: Invigorating Qi and regulating the function of the middle-Jiao.

The Effect of 清燥救肺汤


Removing dryness and moistening the lung.


Impairment of the lung due to warm-dryness, marked by headache, fever, dry cough without sputum, belching, dyspnea, dry throat, restlessness, thirst, dry tongue without coating, and weak large rapid pulse; including such diseases with the above symptoms as respiratory tract infection, pneumonia and pulmonary tuberculosis.


Decocted in water for oral dose to be taken twice.