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  2. 清气化痰丸



Bolus for Clearing Heat and Phlegm

  1. Qing Qi Huatan Wan
  2. 清氣化痰丸

The Prescription of 清气化痰丸


The book Yi Fang Kao



Dan Nan Xing: Clearing away heat and resolving phlegm.

Gua Lou: Assisting Dan Nan Xing in clearing away the lung-heat so as to resolve heat-phlegm.

Zhi Shi and Chen Pi: Regulating the flow of Qi, eliminating phlegm, dispersing stagnancy.

Fu Ling: Strengthening the spleen, inducing diuresis.

Xing Ren: Ventilating the lung and arresting cough.

Ban Xia: Removing dampness and resolving phlegm.

The Effect of 清气化痰丸


Clearing away heat, resolving phlegm, regulating the flow of Qi, arresting cough.


Syndrome due to retention of phlegm-heat in the lung, marked by cough with yellowish thick sputum difficult to expectorate, fullness in the chest, reddened tongue with yellowish greasy coating, and slippery rapid pulse; including such diseases with the above symptoms d pneumonia, acute bronchitis, acute attack of chronic bronchitis, and bronchiectasis complicated by infection.


All the drugs are ground into fine powder. The powder is made with an adequate amount of ginger juice into boluses. 6 g of the boluses is taken with warm boiled water each time, twice daily. With their amounts reduced according to their original proportions, the drugs may be decocted in water for oral use.