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  2. 清暑益气汤



Decoction for Clearing away Summer-heat and Reinforcing Qi

  1. Qingshu Yiqi Tang
  2. 清暑益氣湯

The Prescription of 清暑益气汤


the book Wen Re Jing Wei



Xi Yang Shen: One of the principal drugs, being sweet and slightly bitter in flavor and cool in nature, reinforcing Qi to promote the production of body fluids, nourishing Yin and removing heat.

Xi Gua Cui Yi: The other principal drug, being sweet in flavor and cold in nature, eliminating summer-heat.

He Geng: Assisting Xi Gua Cui Yi in driving away summer-heat.

Shi Hu and Mai Dong: Aiding Xi Yang Shen in nourishing Yin and removing heat.

Zhi Mu and Zhu Ye: Dispelling heat to arrest restlessness.

Gan Cao and Jing Mi: Reinforcing Qi and invigorating the stomach.

The Effect of 清暑益气汤


Removing summer-heat, reinforcing Qi, nourishing Yin, promoting the production of body fluids.


Syndrome due to attack of summer-heat and impairment or both Qi and body fluids, marked by fever, profuse sweat, vexation, thirst, scanty and deep-colored urine, lassitude, shortness of breath, poor mental state, and weak rapid pulse; including sunstroke and the like with the above symptoms.