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  2. 消导化积法


It is to use drugs of eliminating stagnation and promoting the circulation of qi, to tonify spleen and stomach, and a perfect way to disintegrating masses, relieving fullness.

1.Xiao shi dao zhi method(Eliminating retention of food)

Common drugs such as shan zha, shen qu, gu ya, mai ya, sha ren, ji nei jin, lai fu zi. Representatives are The Prescription of Baohe Wan, The Prescription of Zhishi Daozhi Wan. For those been suffered long with weak stomach, and exhausted, use drugs of Eliminating retention and tonifying functions, for example, The Prescription of ZhiZhu Wan and The Prescription of Jianpi Wan.

2. Xiao Pi method(disintegrating masses, relieving fullness)

It is to cure diseases of lump in the abdomen or liver. The common causes of the disease are interactions between food、heat、cold、phlegm with qi and blood.

Common drugs are zhi shi, ban xia, bai zhu, huang lian, gan jiang, qing pi, tao renhong huadang gui wei、san lenge zhubie jia. Representative is The Prescription of Zhishi Xiaopi Wan, The Prescription of Biejia Jian Wan.