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Sophora Powder

  1. Huaihua San

The Prescription of 槐花散


The book Ben Shi Fang



Huai Hua: The principal drug, removing dampness and heat in the large intestines and dispersing heat from blood to stop bleeding.

Bai Ye: Helping Huai Hua to remove heat from blood and stop bleeding.

Jing Jie: Dispelling wind pathogen, stopping bleeding.

Zhi Qiao: Keeping upward adverse flow of Qi going downward and relieving stuffiness of the intestines.

The Effect of 槐花散


Removing pathogenic factors in the intestines, stopping bleeding, dispelling wind pathogen and keeping upward adverse flow of Qi going downward.


Syndrome of bloody stools due to toxic heat in the stomach and intestines, marked by hematochezia before or after defecation, or stool with blood, or bleeding due to hemorrhoid, the blood being bright or dark red, reddish tongue with whitish or thin yellowish coating, and rapid pulse; including such diseases with the above symptoms as hemorrhoid, amebic dysentery and peptic ulcer.


Decocted in water for oral dose to be taken twice.